Editorial board

Lang Tran is Director of Quantitative Toxicology for the IOM, and is a computational toxicologist and mathematical modeller with extensive knowledge in PBPK and QSAR modelling and related fields. Lang is an active researcher in the field of particle toxicity, including publishing seminal studies on the potential toxicity of Poorly Soluble Low Toxicity (PSLT) particles which provided evidence on the role of particle surface area in the observed pulmonary inflammation and ‘Overload’. He has published extensively in the field of nanotechnology, including the co-authorship of a position paper in Nature and acting as one of the founders of the Journal Nanotoxicology and also the initiator of the conference series ‘Nanotoxicology’. He is also the co-editor of the books: Nanotoxicology: Characterization, Dosing and Health Effects (2007) and Nanotoxicoloy: Progress toward Nanomedicine (2014). Lang is currently one of the editors of the Journal Nanotoxicology and Particle and Fibre Toxicology. Lang has coordinated EU projects (e.g. FP6 Particle_Risk, FP7 ENPRA). He is currently the coordinator of FP7 MARINA and is also the chairman of the COST Action TD1204 MODENA: Modelling Nanoparticle Toxicity.