Editorial board

Biomedicine & Prevention Editorial Board includes members from a number of disciplines in the field of life sciences, physics and engineering, ranging from clinical/surgical sciences to public health and occupational medicine, genetics, molecular biology, nutrition and computational models. Our board comprises leading scientists in specific research areas.

Academic Editors supervise the peer review process within the journal, evaluating submissions, selecting reviewers and assessing their comments. The board is also involved in editorial decisions. Together with the Editor in chief and his staff, Editorial Board Members implement journal policies and ethic standards and work to promote the Biomedicine and Prevention mission, which is to provide a new converging environment for life sciences, physics and engineering researchers.

Joining the Board

Contact editorialboard@biomedicineandprevention.com if you are interested in joining the BiomedicineandPrevention editorial board as an Academic Editor.

Please provide a link to your home page and/or a copy of your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and we will evaluate your suitability and respond in due course.

Academic Editors

To find a member, browse the list, search by name, or search by area of expertise.

Provisional Editorial Board members

  • Adorno Gaspare Transfusion Medicine
  • Amadori Sergio Hematology
  • Amicosante Massimo Lung Disease
  • Bagni Claudia Cell Biology
  • Barchi Marco Developmental Biology
  • Borgiani Paola Genetics
  • Cammarano Andrea Forensic Medicine
  • Campagnolo Luisa Histology and Embryology/Reproductive Biology
  • Coniglione Filadelfo Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine
  • Curatolo Paolo Pediatric Neurosciences
  • Di Renzo Laura Nutrition
  • Dibra Arvin General Surgery
  • Emberti Gialloreti Leonardo Epidemiology
  • Godo Anila Pediatric Onco-Hematology
  • Këlliçi Suela Pharmacy
  • Kruja Jera Neurology
  • Liotta Giuseppe Public Health & Hygiene
  • Mancinelli Sandro Global Health, Hygiene
  • Mancino Raffaele Ophthalmology
  • Mauriello Silvestro Forensic Medicine
  • Orlandi Augusto Biomarkers
  • Pietroiusti Antonio Environmental Health
  • Pompeo Eugenio Thoracic Surgery
  • Rizzo Giuseppe Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Scarcella Paola Public Health
  • Schillaci Orazio Bio imaging, Nuclear Medicine
  • Sette Claudio Cancer Biology
  • Ticconi Carlo Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Tittarelli Roberta Forensic Medicine
  • Toschi Nicola Modelling and Medical Physics
  • Treglia Michele Medical Ethics & Liability
  • Vellone Ercole Nursing
  • Jacob Zeitani Cardiac Surgery


International advisory board

The International Advisory Board guarantees the high scientific level of the Journal, being involved in commenting and approving submitted articles in later post acceptance stages. The Board also monitors, in collaboration with the Editor in Chief, the ethical aspects of scientific research.